What Is Arbitrage Betting?

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As a punter, you are more likely focused on making a profit more than having a good time. There are several betting strategies out there that gamblers are using to increase their chances of winning and making more money.

An introduction to arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting is a strategy that requires bettors to find variable odds from multiple online betting websites that no matter what the outcome is, they will be guaranteed a profit. With enough patience and determination, you can indeed win and generate a decent amount of profit with this strategy.

This kind of approach wasn’t nearly as popular back in the early days of sports betting when internet usage is merely a thing. Additionally, it’s far easier to take advantage of this method and you’ll soon find out why shortly.

How does it work?

Before we talk about how arbitrage betting works, it’s better if we understand how bookmakers make money for themselves first. Whenever a wager is placed, a portion of it is a fee that is most commonly known as vigorish. It may also be called margin or overround by some.

This vigorish can range from 3$ up to 20% and simply put, it’s a decent percentage that keeps all bookmakers afloat. You can think of it as a safety net for them. You can expect that whatever the odds a punter would pick, it will have a margin.

Arbitrage betting’s purpose is to eliminate these margins across different bookmakers of the same game or sport while still making a profit. Big or small, a profit is still a profit.

The key to doing this is to identify the amount of profit you can potentially win and the right sum of wager that you should place.

Are there any risk?

Yes, there are some risks. While arbitrage betting is mostly legal across the majority of online betting websites, some bookies are quite strict about this kind of sports betting method. They don’t allow players to do this going as far as fully disclosing it as part of their terms and conditions.

These bookmakers may close the accounts of punters who do arbing. On the other hand, it would actually be hard for bookmakers to track down arbers especially because they simply don’t have a way to do it.

Punters who do arbitrage betting still needs to be careful regardless of the case. It’s also important to always check the terms and conditions of an online betting website.

Is it worth it?

One can say that arbitrage betting is a great alternative way to guarantee yourself some profit without any risk. However, as we have just established, it’s far from being the case. But in any case, as long you stay focused and wager with care, it sure is worth investing your time with.

Perhaps one of the trickiest parts about pulling this strategy off is the fact that odds can quickly change before you can even place the opposite bets on another sports bet website. You need to have taken everything into account for such situations that will put all your effort into waste.

This makes this sports betting strategy quite difficult to execute as there are a handful of things that you need to check. This also includes timing the placement of your wager perfectly.

Is it any fun?

While this question may sound a silly question to you at first, ask yourself whether this is something fun to do. The sad thing is, arbitrage betting actually takes the fun out of betting.

We’ve already established that this kind of betting works by simply wagering on both or all possible outcomes with the intent of gaining a profit. With this in mind, the anticipation you get is no longer present as you have already guaranteed yourself the outcome.